This Video of the Jane the Virgin Cast Proves They Didn't Predict THAT Finale Twist Either

— Jennie Urman (@JennieUrman) April 21, 2018

Warning: Huge Jane the Virgin spoilers ahead!

Have you fully recovered from that shocking Jane the Virgin season four finale yet? No? OK, perfect. Neither have we. The revelation that Michael is alive (and actor Brett Dier is returning!) took our hearts by surprise, and judging by a video showrunner Jennie Urman posted on Twitter, it shocked the cast, as well!

In the video, you can see the cast at their finale table read. Gina Rodriguez reads from the script, “OK, what did she tell you?” before Dier walks through the door. The cast erupts into cheers as Rodriguez jumps up and hugs Dier, followed quickly by costars Justin Baldoni and Yael Grobglas.

“It only took us a year and a half, but he came back,” Rodriguez sweetly tells the camera after the surprise. Looks like it was a happy shock all around, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for Michael in season five!

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