Wanderlust couple’s bizarre sex scene in the TOILET

Wanderlust: Alan and Joy’s bizarre sex scene in the toilet

‘My clotted cream rice was more orgasmic!’ Wanderlust viewers are turned off by ‘annoying heavy breathing’ in bizarre sex scene that takes place in a TOILET

  • Wanderlust viewers were left in shock after a bizarre sex scene tonight
  • Joy and Alan had steamy scene in their bathroom after he got up from the toilet  
  • The show follows them as they see other lovers after opening their marriage

Wanderlust is known for its steamy sex scenes, but its latest lust-filled installment has left viewers feeling uninspired.

Fans were baffled as they watched Joy (Toni Colette) and Alan (Steven Mackintosh) get down to business the toilet of their family home – before being disturbed by their drunken daughter returning home from a night out.

The married couple had previously agreed to ‘open up’ their marriage and Joy arrived home from a date to tell her husband all about her encounter with her new lover Marvin in minute detail.

Alan became aroused and immediately jumped up from the toilet to pin her up against the bathroom wall.

But fans were unimpressed by the pair’s on-screen chemistry and the scene left viewers reeling, with one tweeting: ‘My clotted cream rice was more orgasmic than these two.’ 

Wanderlust viewers watched in horror when married couple Joy (Toni Colette) and Alan (Steven Mackintosh) had a steamy encounter in their bathroom moments after he’d been sitting on the toilet

They both had spent the evening with their new lovers after agreeing to open up their marriage. Alan became aroused while he sat on the toilet (pictured) as Joy breathlessly recalled the details of her night

‘Get a bucket!’ Fans were unimpressed by the pair’s on-screen chemistry and the scene left viewers reeling, with one blasting: ‘My clotted cream rice was more orgasmic than these two’

Others complained the BBC One drama was ‘getting weird’ and blasted the characters’ ‘annoying heavy breathing’. 

Fans were also perturbed that Alan had was happy to sleep with his wife just minutes after she had been intimate with another men – accusing him of ‘going in for sloppy seconds’.

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Last week viewers saw the couple cheat on each other before guiltily confessing, but instead of letting it their marriage they agreed to trial sleeping with other people.

In Tuesday night’s episode, Joy went on a date with Marvin that ended in them performing sex acts on each other, while Alan slept with his colleague Claire again. 

Joy had slept with her new lover Marvin who she’d met at a swimming pool, with the show flashing back to scenes of her sprawled out on a bed while he performed a sex act on her (pictured)

The couple’s steamy encounter (pictured) came to an abrupt end when their daughter Laura arrived drunk downstairs. Joy later revealed that the tryst made her feel like she was ‘falling in love’ with her husband again

Alan has been sleeping with his colleague Claire and the pair were shown having a raunchy sex scene in tonight’s episode (pictured) after falling in to bed together last week when they had been smoking cannabis

When she returned home, the couple had an awkward conversation about how their respective encounters had gone as Alan sat on the toilet. 

As Joy described her rendezvous in painstaking detail, her husband sprang to life and the pair began kissing and undressing, before they were interrupted by the arrival of their drunk daughter Laura downstairs. 

Joy was delighted about her night with Marvin, and told her therapist that it had made her feel like she was ‘falling in love’ with her husband again after their passion had fizzled out.

Her new love affair came to an end when she told Marvin that she was married but they had ‘opened up’ their relationship.

Joy’s new lover Marvin ended their tryst after she confessed she was married as he said she should no better as a counsellor. Last week she cheated on her husband with him after they met while swimming (pictured)

Last week Joy tried desperately to put the spark back in her marriage, including donning risque lingerie (pictured), but Alan told her that he’d stopped enjoying having sex with her

The new BBC One drama follows Joy and Alan after they open up their marriage to sleep with other people. Pictured: A publicity picture for Wanderlust

Joy’s lover stormed out of the restaurant and told her that she should know better as a relationship counsellor.

Things went better with Claire, who was baffled by the situation but didn’t end her affair with Alan.

The episode ended with Joy going to a concert and dancing with a stranger, only to be spotted by her horrified daughter, who was unaware about the change in her parents’ marriage.

Wanderlust airs Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC One

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