WATCH: Puppy Trying So Hard to Bark Sounds Like a Sweet Little Cat-Chipmunk Hybrid Instead

This is a video you need to watch with the sound on, because this little puppy has something to say.

At just a few weeks old, this tiny faux Frenchie (a Boston terrier and French bulldog mix) named Penelope hasn’t found her voice quite yet, but that hasn’t stopped her from trying to chat.

In this clip, from the Instagram @penelopefauxfrenchie, our star canine is speaking her mind, but the sounds that come out of her little “o” of a mouth would probably have most dog translators stumped.

This sweetie sounds more like a chipmunk and kitten rolling around a field of daisies than a dog, and we wouldn’t want Penelope to change for the world.

While this cutie will probably grow into her bark as time passes, this chirp-purr stage of speech is making our hearts burst.


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