‘We must plug the gap that lets foreign rapists into the UK’

There is a dangerous gap in police protection of women from attack and rape.

It has allowed convicted rapists and abusers to slip into Britain and repeat their crimes.

Men with criminal records for serious attacks in their own countries have been free to repeat vile acts because they have been missed by UK monitoring systems.

Police chiefs say more than 50,000 foreign national offenders have been sent packing since 2010.

But if just one gets through the net, it is one too many.

Victims such as Sharon Jones and murdered Alice Gross were let down by a system which should be watertight.

Yet, as we detail today, Sharon’s attacker, nightclub predator Vasile Nastase, had been jailed abroad for two almost identical rapes.

How can a man who has served two different prison sentences totalling 16 years slip into the country under the radar, free to rape again?

Earlier this year it was revealed that police were unable to locate and deport 958 foreign criminals who were suspected to be in the UK.

But since then Scotland Yard’s 106-strong extradition unit has been reduced to only 67 officers.

Theresa May’s Government promised more thorough checks. But this has moved in the wrong direction.

For all women who place their trust in the police to monitor such monsters and prevent these attacks happening again, an urgent inquiry needs to establish why this gap is there.

And to close it urgently.

Awash with Money

The floods have brought misery to families while agency bosses who failed to prevent them have been rewarded with millions of pounds in bonuses.

The devastation has been life-changing. Some will never move back into their old homes.

In many cases there have been claims that the floods could have been prevented if necessary work had been done.

But the fatcat executives at the Environment Agency wallow in their inflated salaries.

They need to be held to account for what is nothing less than a scandal.

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