Weirdest apartment block ever with balconies inside creeps out internet

A creepy apartment block where the balconies are on the inside has been shown in a viral video – and it has reminded people of horror films.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by user Rachel @rayyy.of_sunshine the "weird" Virginia Tech apartments are filmed from inside a vast corridor.

The walls are stark white and grey and every doorway looks identical, with an empty wooden balcony hanging over the top.

Nobody seems to use the balconies, which is unsurprising because there is no privacy and no view, other than the bland corridor.

The TikToker noted in the caption: "This is the WEIRDEST apartment complex I've ever seen."

Rachel added in another comment: "Apparently there are balconies because some rooms literally don’t have windows and apparently, that doesn’t meet fire code.

"But if they have a balcony, then it’s fine because if there’s a fire, then they can jump from the balcony."

In many countries, it is not legal to have a bedroom without a window but in Virginia and some other US states the requirement is for a window or a door – hence the weird balconies.

Rachel gave another tour inside the Tech Village apartment, where she was staying with a friend for the night.

The kitchen was simple and a bit dated but the rest of the apartment seemed fine, other than the upstairs bedroom with no windows and the weird not-quite balcony.

More than 3 million people have watched Rachel's video and thousands of viewers agreed in the comments that the empty hallway gave off quite an unsettling vibe.

One person said: "Why does this look like an ex-prison renovated into an apartment complex?"

A second wrote: "Every door will lead you inside, never outside. Horror movie vibe."

Someone else commented: "A Black Mirror episode basically."

But another user with a different viewpoint said: "My mum lived there! They had crazy parties in the common area and once had a DJ on a balcony. She loved it."

"I wanted to live there so bad in college it seemed fun but it was always taken really fast," wrote another person.

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