We’re amplifying Black British women’s voices to tackle the issues we really face

Written by Jazmin Kopotsha

Take Stylist’s survey to help amplify the voices of Black women in the UK and shape how we create content for you.

Black women’s voices need to be louder, and we need to be more proactive in making sure we hear them.

We want to amplify the nuances, beauty and sheer force of Black British womanhood, and spotlight the experiences that have shaped what it means to be part of this community right now. 

The first step in doing that, of course, is listening to what Black women in the UK have to say. 

Stylist has created the Black British Women’s Census, a survey where we invite you to tell us what you’re thinking and feeling; what you’re worried about, excited about and hope for.

There’s something so incredible that unites us as Black women, despite historically being left out of the conversation. So much of what we share is joyful and affirmative, and some of it incredibly painful to face. But as a community, there’s rich complexity and variation in what we’ve experienced. It’s both exciting and crucial that we give voice to it all.

We’ve got the opportunity to do just that. 

Please take our survey, share it among other Black women and help us better platform the issues and stories that are really shaping Black womanhood right now.

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