Where The Innocents is filmed – where new Netflix series is set

The Innocents is Netflix ‘s latest coming-of-age story – but this time it’s set in the UK.

The series follows June (Sorcha Groundsell), a young girl with powers who runs away with Harry (Percelle Ascott) – from her school, but she soon realises her shape-shifting abilities are more complicated than they first seem. While they were running away from their home lives at first, they soon find themselves running from a greater evil – doctor Halvorson (Guy Pearce) who wants to experiment on June.

The show is based on Norse mythology and features a lot of stunning and mystical locations that may look a little familiar.

So where is the drama set and where is it filmed?

Where was The Innocents filmed?

Most filming took place in Skipton, in Yorkshire, and Norway. The dusky rural locations suit the supernatural story perfectly.

The crew filmed in Skipton in October 2017.

Local newspaper the Craven Herald & Pioneer reported the series was filmed on Canal Street, the local pubs the Cock and Bottle and The Royal Shepherd, and the canal basin.

Norway was also used – with scenes shot in the fjords. Modalen, Gudvangen and Western Norway’s Nordhadland were also used.

Guy Pearce, who stars in the series, described the location as "gorgeous".

London also makes an appearance, with Piccadilly Circus cropping up in the first episode. Harry and June drives past the iconic screens as they wind through the city.

It’s not surprising that the creators chose the UK, Simon Duric and Hania Elkington, the writers, are both British.

The idea for the show also stemmed from a conversation in a bar in London.

Speaking to Decider, the pair said the dusky dark setting was always intentional.

“We always wanted to be real, like you could touch it, feel it, and see it, and you as a person could walk through it. When Farren Blackburn, our director, came on board, he completely understood that,” said Duric. “You look at it and say, ‘Well, this has all got to be CGI, right?’ But it’s not. It’s all there for real.”

Where is The Innocents set?

The series is set around the UK and in Norway. The series starts in Scotland, but with the kids on the run it quickly becomes a tour of the UK.

The Innocents is on Netflix now.

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