Whipped STRAWBERRY Dalgona goes viral

Dalgona gets a pink twist! Social media users add strawberry Nesquik and rose syrup to create an even more Instagram-friendly drink after original coffee cream version went viral

  • Last month, home cooks across the world tried the viral Dalogna whipped coffee 
  • Social media users are making it even more Instagrammable by turning it pink
  • Some create it with rose syrup and cream, others are using strawberry Nesquik  
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

With restaurants and coffee shops closed for more than a month as the coronavirus lockdown continues, people have been getting very creative in the kitchen – making everything from whipped coffee to banana bread.

Last month, the ‘Dalgona’ whipped coffee went hugely viral, with millions of self-made baristas whipping up instant coffee, sugar, and water to make a delicious and Instagram friendly latte-style drink. 

The drink, which can be made hot or cold, is made by whipping coffee, sugar and water, before spooning dollops of the froth onto hot or cold milk – making a form of upside-down cappucino. 

And now the trend has got an upgrade, with people creating a pink version of the drink, making it even more photogenic by using rose syrup or strawberry Nesquick in place of coffee. 

London-based Instagram user Ayesha Razak, who runs My Big Fat Halal Blog , whipped up the recipe inspiring thousands to try their own using rose syrup (left ) while Miami based Valentina Mussi used strawberry Nesquik (right)

UK Instagrammer Alya Eats made her whipped drink with very pretty floral patterns

London-based Instagram user Ayesha Razak, who runs My Big Fat Halal Blog, whipped up the recipe inspiring thousands to try their own.

She starts by adding one cup of cream to five tablespoons of rose syrup, which she whips until it forms stiff peaks, and then pours it on top of a glass of cold, iced milk. 

Another user,  Valentina Mussi, from Miami also shared a similar recipe, but used Strawberry Nesquik instead of rose water.

Valentina, who shares recipes to the Instagram account, sweetportfolio, made the very pretty recipe by whipping one tablespoon of Nesquik with four tablespoons of heavy cream.

She then dips the edge of her glass in honey and Nesquik, to give the rim of the glass an extra pink touch, before adding the whipped mixture to a glass of ice and milk.   

How to make Rose Dalgona, two ways 


1. Mix one cup of cream with five tablespoons of rose syrup (which can be made by mixing rose water and sugar)

2. Whip up until it forms stiff peaks

3. Pour on top of a glass of cold, iced milk 


1. Mix one tablespoon of strawberry milkshake powder with with four tablespoons of heavy cream

2. Whip until it forms stiff peaks

3. Dip glass into honey and then onto strawberry milkshake powder

4. Pour mixture on top of a glass of cold, iced, milk 

Ayesha, who shares recipes on the Instagram account, My Big Fat Halal blog, revealed how she makes the recipe in four simple steps

April Moronzco, from Southern California, said her kids loved the strawberry twist on the popular drink

US Instagrammer Sweet Sensations made her pink Dalgona using strawberry Nesquik

UK based Instagram account, Cousins Eat Halal, put a Taiwainese twist for on the drink by adding tapioca pearls, which are popular in bubble tea

Bengali Bites said their older sister made the delicious, very Instagram friendly drink

Nadine Asim said her rose Dalgona was ‘super refreshing’ and a delicious sweet treat

Dalgona coffee originated in South Korea – though it’s arguably very similar to the traditional Greek Nescafé Frappé. 

It’s now a viral trend after videos of people making the creamy drink were widely shared and watched on TikTok and Instagram. 

To really froth up the coffee or pink mixture, it’s easier (and less time-consuming) to use an electric whisk.

Many have put their own twist of the Dalgonas since it originated last month, making them boozy with coffee liqueur, while others have tried to add a sweet twist with the likes of Nutella or Biscoff.    

Southbank Foodie added even more rose, by adding petals, while serving her drink in front of a bouquet 

MJ, from Bolton, said his wife made the very pretty drink and was inspired by My Big Fat Halal Blog

Another Instagram user shared this stunning photo of the delicious treat, made by whipping up rose syrup and cream

Shameema, from Dubai, share her very pretty take on the trend to her Instagram page

Chef Mehv also shared his take on the pink viral drink – saying he used heavy whipping cream

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