Why I only date rich men: Woman ‘terribly bored’ by poor men who worth less than £1million

Binky Felstead gives a tour of her luxury London home

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Irina Stern is a successful entrepreneur who had an epiphany a few years ago: she didn’t want to date “boring” plain men anymore. Only “self-employed wealthy men” was what she was after.

Irina shared her story with Express.co.uk and explained why she only dates rich men.

“I only date wealthy men because I am very successful myself.

“I am extremely accomplished, my resume is as a world-renowned writer and performer, unfortunately my mentor never taught me how to make money.

“So, firstly, as a successful woman not born into it, I learned to only hang around people who were smarter and more successful than me. I am terribly bored by those I feel I have to teach constantly and I often want to shake them.

“Anyway, once I added wealth to my definition of success, I realised I should only date wealthy men.

“Self-employed wealthy men are the only men I can respect. We share the same values,” Irina said.

Irina shared how her journey started and explained it was actually a book that made her realise a luxurious lifestyle is what she really wanted.

“I didn’t realise that wealth was one of my values, before that I valued artistic success more so. I read the famous book The Rules and actually coached with the authors and I found that they worked like magic,” she said.

The Rules: Time-tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr Right is a self-help book containing the rules that a woman should follow in order to attract and marry the man of her dreams.

The book states a woman should be “easy to be with but hard to get.”

The philosophy behind it is that women should not pursue men, but should encourage men to pursue them.

“Men responded like a script. Once I realised I only wanted wealthy men and not ‘average Joes’ I had to change my approach, as The Rules seems to work best on average Joes.

“But, I still use them in the beginning. Wealthy men are hunters, they are decisive, it is best to let them lead. However, I realise The Rules was too cold for them, they need a lot of attention, they are needy, they also do not and will not wait around. It’s best to be on their schedule and truly let them lead.

“I realised The Rules actually is quite dominant.

“Self-made millionaires, I have been out with men worth more than £1million, know what they want and when they want it,” Irina explained.

When asked if she would ever date a poor man Iriana responded: “No, because he is not ambitious.

“We have a different value system,” she said.

Iriana also believes a woman should never pay on a date.

“Are you joking? Of course not.

“And, I never have since finding the Rules, though I recently found journals from my 20s and I did do that and I mistakenly thought I was empowered. I was doing everything wrong,” Irina said.

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