Woman ‘faked own kidnapping’ after boyfriend wouldn’t answer her FaceTime

When it comes to a romantic relationship, not everything comes with a bed of roses and sometimes it can have a devastating effect on people.

A woman has admitted how love made her go crazy that one time she tried staging a fake kidnapping.

Chiara Kellogg, from US, recalled her younger self and what she did to get her then boyfriend to video-call her.

She posted on TikTok and said: "When I faked my own kidnapping at 12 years old so my boyfriend would answer my FaceTime."

Then she shared a picture of her being tied to a chair with a piece of clothe stuffed in her mouth.

Her video went viral with more than 11 million views, leaving viewers howling for the "dramatic performance".

The TikToker later explained: "My friend tied me to a chair and staged the hostage situation…and we FaceTimed later."

They even sent out an email to her boyfriend, attaching the picture along the message: "If you ever want to see her again…Answer my FaceTime later…Or else."

The boy apparently replied and wrote: "Weirdo."

Chiara and her friend continued their conversation in the email chain and pretended to be someone else, saying: "My name is Rolanda! You're such a hottie!"

To which, Chiara's boyfriend asked: "What did you do with Chiara?"

"She's tied to my chair…" they wrote and he said: "You are scaring me…"

Viewers were quick to comment under her post as they spotted the giveaway signs.

One said: "Not the emails and the signature. Haha, good old 2012."

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"Purple wall? Should have gone to the basement or garage," another commented and a third joked: "I could see myself doing this as a kid."

Others shared their hilarious things they did in their first relationship.

A viewer wrote: "I pretended I was pregnant and told him it was his so he can't ever leave me. Fast forward we're both gay. This was in 5th grade."

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