Woman mortified after husband’s snap with dog leaves X-rated optical illusion

A woman has been forced to defend her husband after an innocent snap with the family dog showed a rude optical illusion.

Ben Glews posed for the adorable snap with five-year-old bulldog Boss in bed at their home in the West Midlands.

His wife Linda thought nothing was explicit about the picture, so she decided to share it online, until everyone noticed something.

The couple were left mortified when people mistook Boss' tiny member for Ben's.

Due to the unfortunate positioning, it looked as though Ben, 42, had posed for a snap naked – when really it was his pooch.

Fans flooded the comments section with many saying they "felt sorry" for Linda, 45, as it looks like Ben has a small penis.

The dog threw his head back and snuggled into his owner's neck, which meant his head was hardly seen in the picture.

Within hours of the picture being shared, it secured more than 600 likes and comments.

Ben said: "I thought people were mad, I remember thinking 'surely they can see it's a dog?'

"It was just an off-the-cuff photo on Saturday morning, I'd just woken up with the dog lying on me like that.

"The wife said 'aww let's take a photo, that's lovely ', she put it on Facebook and it went semi-viral. I was shocked.

"You look at it one time and you don't see anything and then you look at it again."

Despite the snap being mistaken for a kinkier shot, Ben revealed he was glad that people had a laugh about it.

He joked: "Some have commented saying they felt sorry for Linda because of my 'micropenis'.

"It's definitely not me and I don't have a micropenis.

"It's not like we were trying to do it but if we can give somebody a laugh, why not?

"After the last year or so any bit of light heartedness is good for anybody, it's nice to put a smile on people's faces."

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Linda took a while to spot the unfortunate positioning after uploading the photo of Boss and her husband.

The mum-of-one said: "Boss will spread eagle between us and push us both to the edge of the bed, he's very spoilt.

"I took the picture on Saturday morning and I said to my husband 'do you mind me putting it on Facebook?' and he said 'not at all'.

"It's funny but it's quite embarrassing for my husband with people thinking he's got a micropenis.

"He doesn't have a micropenis, there's no complaints in that department."

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