Woman who spent £190k to look like teenage holiday caricature

Woman who spent £190K to look like a CARICATURE leaves Holly Willoughby grasping her own chest and wincing as she describes how she had heart shaped tattoos on her nipples

  • Krystina Butel, 32, from Rotherham, has had numerous cosmetic procedures
  • These include five boob jobs, as well as regular botox and lip filler injections
  • On This Morning she revealed she had hearts tattooed on her nipples 
  • The revelation had many viewers questioning Krystina’s unusual decision

A woman who spent £190,000 on plastic surgery to look like a caricature left This Morning’s Holly Willoughby wincing in pain as she spoke about tattooing her nipples to look like hearts.

Krystina Butel, 32, from Rotherham, Yorkshire, was inspired by transform her look by a cartoon drawing she had posed for in Ibiza when she was 15.

And today she revealed her heart-shaped nipples publicly for the first time on the ITV daytime show by sharing a picture with the hosts.

Over the past 15 years Kristina has had five boob jobs, two nose jobs, Botox, fillers, lip injections, semi-permanent make-up, illegal tanning injections and a designer vagina.  

But it was the picture of Krystina’s nipples that sent viewers into meltdown with one questioning why she would want to ‘disfigure’ her body. 

Presenter Holly was so concerned by the thought of tattoos that she held on to her own chest as she contemplated it, while as Krystina reassured her that the pain ‘wasn’t that bad’.

Krystina Butel, 32, has spent £190,000 to look like a holiday caricature drawn of her when she was a 15-year-old

But when she revealed she had even had heart shapes tattooed over her nipples it left presenter Holly Willoughby wincing in pain

A picture of Krystina’s breasts were shown with the heart shaped nipples. She has had five boob jobs over the past few years

Krystina brought the original caricature that inspired her to change her looks and explained that she used to dye her hair blonde to match 

Viewers didn’t take kindly to Krystina’s unique look with some questioning why she chose to alter herself so much

The businesswoman funded her cosmetic procedures by opening her own hair salon and then a gym, but has shed more than 13 stone thanks to an NHS-funded gastric bypass surgery. 

She had the procedure last year because her 24 stone weight made plastic surgeons hesitant to operate on her, and defended having the taxpayer funded operation.

‘Firstly having it on the NHS was what I chose to disclose, I could have said I’ve been and had it done and left it, but I’ve said I had it on the NHS. I have not lied about it. I could have made up this big elaborate tale,’ she explained.

She reasoned: ‘If I had a drink alcohol drugs problem they would have catered for them. I had a food addiction, ultimately that made me ill [of] health.’  

Holly seemed uncomfortable with the idea of a nipple tattoo, as Phillip looked on in puzzlement

Viewers on Twitter joked about how her her heart shaped nipples might not stand the test of time

Krystina had a caricature done when she was 15 and ever since has been inspired by how she was depicted

Previously, she explained the inspiration behind her look saying: ‘When I first saw the caricature in Ibiza all those years ago, I saw what I wanted to look like.

‘She had boobs like beach balls, big lips and a tiny waist. Everything about her was so exaggerated. I was jealous of her and in that moment, I knew what I wanted to be in life.

‘When I see myself in the mirror now, I feel like dreams do come true. After years of plastic surgery, I am living, breathing human cartoon and I feel so proud of everything I’ve achieved.’ 

Krystina has worked long hours to fund her surgery bills and is planning to have more ahead of her November wedding

Krystina as had countless surgeries over the years as well as a gastric band operation on the NHS

The gym owner regularly has cosmetic procedures, including botox and lip fillers 

In fact, Krystina now says she wants to look ‘more extreme’ than the original caricature drawing.  

‘I look at the caricature now and I think she needs a lot more cosmetic surgery- definitely another boob job, more fillers and a nose job! I like to think I inspire the caricature now,’she said. 

‘Plastic surgery is my obsession and my hobby for life. I’ll never give it up and I won’t stop until I look exactly how I want to look.’ 

Krystina (pictured in 2014, before her gastric bypass) has had extensive plastic surgery to look like a caricature she had done on holiday when she was just 15 

Krystina appeared on This Morning to discuss her drastic changes and said she isn’t ready to stop yet

Andy, 46, said she likes his fiancee’s extreme look, and says it’s part of the attraction for her.

‘I love Krystina’s caricature – it’s part of her. I admire how Krystina has the lady balls to follow her dreams in terms of her look and it’s part of my attraction to her,’ she said. 

‘Obviously I have some health concerns about Krystina’s surgery like anyone would, but I completely support her. Plastic surgery makes her happy.

‘People are quick to criticise her but in my opinion, I think that’s because other others don’t have the guts to follow their heart like Krystina does. She’s taken the caricature to the next level.’

Krystina’s cosmetic surgery costs

First boob job first boob job (at age 17, from 32DD to 34FF) – £3,600

Second boob job (at age 19, to 36GG) – £4,000

Third boob job (at age 23, to 36H) – £4,000

Lip injections (£250 every 6 months since 24) – £3,000

Botox (£300 every 6 months since 23) – £4,200

Eyebrow tattoing (£300 every 2 yrs since 25) – £600

Eyeliner tattoing (£200 every 2 yrs since 25) – £400

Lipliner tattoing (£200 every 2 yrs since 25) – £400

Fourth boob job (at age 26, to 36j) – £6,000

Fifth boob job (march 2014, to 36k) – £6,000

Heart-shaped nipples tattooing (may 2014) – £100

Sunbeds (£200 every month, since 15) – £36,000

Hair extensions (£400 a month, since 20) – £48,000

Lash extensions (£100 a month, since 20) – £12,000

Teeth whitening (£200 every 3 months since 25) – £4,000

Tooth capping (£200 per tooth for 8 teeth) – £1,600 

Two nose jobs – £8,000

Designer vagina labiaplasty (november 2017) – £1,200

Lip injections (£270 every 4 months) – £3,240

Botox (£200 every 3 months) – £3,200 

Cheek and eye fillers – £1,320

Veneers (January 2017) – £800

Chemical peel – £500

Bottom lip fillers – £850

Melanotan tanning injections (£40 per month since February 2017) – £560.00

Non-surgical rhinoplasty – £360

Neck lift: £475

Brow lift – £400

Vampire facelift – £870

Nose fold fillers – £180.00

Chin fillers – £220

Jawline treatment – £350

Chin botox – £150.00

Filler nose job – £350.00

Eyebrow tattooing (£60 twice per year) – £480

Hair extensions top-up (£100 every month) – £4,800

Hair extensions maintenance (£400 every 3 months) – £6,400

Eyeliner tattooing (£60 twice per year) – £480

Lipliner tattoing (£60 twice per year) – £480

Nails (£80 every 2 weeks) – £7,680

Sunbeds (£30 per month) – £1440

Lash extensions (£40 every 2 weeks) – £3,840

Teeth whitening (£50 every 2 months) – £1,200

Laser hair removal – £900

Fat freezing – £350.00

Cupping treatment – £100

Magnetic detox – £45

Dermaplanning treatments (£100 every month since february 2017) – £1400 


Grand total: £186,520 

In 2001, aged seventeen, Krystina opened her own hairdressing salon. That same year, she had her first surgical procedure to alter her body, undergoing a £3,600 boob job to take her from an already ample 32DD to a 34FF.

She says: ‘I remember waking up in the hospital after my first boob job and being so happy. I loved the way my boobs were stuck up and looked more like hers.

‘By the time I was discharged, I was already planning my second boob job.’

Just two years later, Krystina got a second £4,000 boob job taking her to a 36GG. She would go on to have another three breast augmentations costing over £16,000 to get her to a 36K bra size.

Krystina (pictured her when she was just 11) revealed how posing for a caricature as a teenager led her to pursuing her extreme look 

In May 2014, Krystina even got heart shaped nipples tattooed on to complete the look. 

Since her early twenties, Krystina has been having regular lip injections, facial fillers, teeth whitening, Botox, semi-permanent make-up tattooing, eyelash and hair extensions.

In the last four years, Krystina has also undergone two nose jobs – totaling £8,000 – and a £1,200 ‘Designer Vagina’ labiaplasty procedure.

As well as using sunbeds, Krystina has also been taking daily Melanotan tanning injections since last year to achieve the same sun kissed glow as a her caricature.

The tanning injection – which increases the level of pigment melanin in the skin – is illegal to sell in the UK, but can be purchased online.

By 2017 however, Krystina’s 24 stone weight for her 5ft 5 in frame began to seriously affect her health as well as limit her options for plastic surgeons willing to operate on her.

In June last year, Krystina underwent a full gastric bypass surgery on the NHS. Within the first month after her surgery, Krystina lost two and a half stone and she now weighs 11 stone 6lbs. 

In total, Krystina has splurged a staggering £186,520 to become the mirror-image of her beloved caricature. 

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