Woman unrecognisable after filler that left her like blow-up doll is removed

An aesthetician who believes she made herself "ugly" by using too much filler now tries to stop others from getting botched treatments.

Shelby Hall, who founded Skinfidelity in Mississauga, Canada, told Daily Star lip filler can be a useful tool to restore volume and help with minor asymmetry but warns it's possible to get hooked.

The aesthetician has a large TikTok following on her @skinfidelity page where she explains how she fell into an obsession with filler that she has since had dissolved.

In her most popular clip, Shelby shows how much her face changed when she started using filler in her 20s.

She jokes she has "Simpson lip" and looks like a "blow-up doll", writing in the on-screen caption: "Watch my face get ugly from filler."

The aesthetician reveals how she looks now after getting it dissolved and says she is starting to feel much more comfortable about her appearance.

Since she uploaded it on TikTok on Sunday (January 16), the video has been watched more than 270,000 times and has received thousands of comments.

One user said: "Thank you for sharing! I am so saddened every time I see pillow face."

"Love this! The filler dysmorphia has clearly taken hold in the culture," said a second viewer.

Shelby told Daily Star: "Filler dysmorphia happens when an individual gets lip filler and believes it to be gone when it is not or that their lips are always 'too small' even if they are way too big for the person’s face naturally.

"The individual continues to go back for more lip filler to achieve a look that is not stainable for their natural anatomy and ends up looking very bizarre."

Shelby, master injector at Skinfidelity, says over-done lips can end up looking like a "breakfast sausage" and will lead to migration outside of the intended place of injection.

"Commonly this look for the top lip has been nicknamed 'filler moustache' and when both top and bottom lips are involved, 'duck lips'," she says.

Shelby believes therapy for body dysmorphia or depression might be helpful for some women.

To avoid getting botched lips, Shelby recommends going to a clinic that offers small amounts of filler like a quarter or half syringe and pacing treatments over a year or two apart.

She says: "Avoid going to injectors that use techniques that inject at the vermillion border (division line of the lip where the pink mucosa and skin tone part meet) often called the 'Russian lip' or 'baby doll' which frequently lead to filler migration."

Her Skinfidelity clinic offers non-invasive beauty treatments such as Botox, dermal filler, microneedling, eyebrow lift, fat dissolving, and neck lifts.

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