Woman walks her drunk friend home on a lead after boozy night out

We've all had moments where we may have gone a bit too hard on a night out.

Regretting shots or that extra pint, getting home can seem to be quite the challenge.

But for this one girl, her creative friend devised an unusual plan to get her home safely.

Ditching the taxi or a lift home from the parents, TikTok user @katesheehan00 decided to take her friend home on a ‘lead’.

Stumbling on the street, her drunk friend can be seen holding the blue and red lead while being dragged along by Kate.

In the hilarious clip, the friend who is looking a little worse for wear also attached her bag to the lead.

She added text to the video that said: “When your friend is so drunk you have to take her home on a lead.”

The viral clip has now racked up 115,000 views and 9,000 likes on the social media video sharing app.

People rushed to the comments to congratulate Kate for the inventive idea and for also being a caring friend.

One person commented: “The handbag has me dying.”

Another user added: “That is a good friend!”

And a third person tagged their mate and said: “Getting you one.”

I suppose that it is one way to save on a taxi fare…

Let us know in the comments if you would do this for your friend!

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