Woman’s brilliant response to ‘sugar daddy’ Instagram scammers scares them away

A woman has revealed her unorthodox way of banishing scammers from her Instagram messages, which had TikTok users in stitches.

Meg, who posts as @megisunemployed, shared screenshots to TikTok that detailed her interaction with a man who claimed to be offering her $5,000 (£3,977) for her conversation.

But the 25-year-old, from the Isles of Scilly, decided to respond as weirdly as possible in a bid to scare him off – and it worked.

In the video, which has gained 392,100 likes, Meg said: "I started responding to those sugar daddy scammers on Instagram, by the way, it's so much fun. This is a conversation I had with one yesterday.

"He goes, 'Hello, beautiful. How are you going on this blessed day? Are you in need of a sugar daddy to spoil you and also help financially with the weekly allowance of $5,000?'

"So I say 'Hello Chris, you've come at the perfect time. To be honest. The day has been far from blessed. I've had my head in too many toilets. I'm not proud of that $5,000 a week. Sounds ideal.

"He goes, 'what happened?' So I say, 'I'm a cleaner hun. It's not pretty. If you want your bank account cleaning, you say the word.

"And he says, 'where are you? And how old are you?' so I say I'm an angel from heaven and I'm a hundred years old. Top banter.

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"Then he hits me with this. I'm not here for jokes. Chris has not come to play.

"So I hit him with this one. 'With this forehead Chris, jokes are what I'm relying on, it's a tough world out there with this fivehead. It's hard."

She then decided to call him but Chris didn't answer, which left Meg a bit disappointed.

Meg's friends told her that she was 'getting invested' in the scammer and she would discover that "even scammers don't want her" if she keeps pushing.

Lo and behold, she did get rejected and she was "low-key mad" about it.

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Meg added: "Why isn't the scammer bonding with me? And then he goes, never mind. All right, playing hard to get. So I say, men say, this is too much right now. I'm sorry. It wasn't meant to be. It's not you, it's me.

"I'll leave you alone now. And he goes, thanks. Rejected by a scammer. What the hell? Yeah, he didn't really want to play ball. He wasn't getting my vibe but sometimes you can just keep them going for ages and it's really fun."

TikTokers were left in hysterics over the clip, with one user writing: "Hahahahhaha omg I am going to start responding."


A third said: "I’m gonna start doing the same with the ones texting me on Grindr."

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