Would Prince Charles Get Mad If Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Named Their Baby Diana?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting ready to welcome their first child. But one thing fans desperately want to know is what the couple might name the baby — and some think that if they have a girl, they will name her Diana. But what would Harry’s father, Prince Charles, think about that? Would he be disappointed if his son named the baby after his ex-wife?

Harry and Meghan are days away from welcoming their new baby

Harry and Meghan have each been waiting for years to become parents. Once they met, the thought of starting a family was immediately on their minds. The couple rushed things along; they started dating back in 2016, and by 2017, Harry was ready to propose. The two got engaged privately in November 2017 and planned a wedding in six months. Once they were engaged, they both said they were looking forward to having kids, and those close to the royals said the two were going to start trying for a baby right away. Harry and Meghan wed in 2018, and two months later, she was pregnant. The couple made an official announcement in October 2018, and they should be welcoming their new baby any day now.

Fans seem to think Harry and Meghan would name a baby girl Diana

The duke and duchess have kept most details about the royal baby completely under wraps. They’ve also made it clear they’re waiting to find out the gender of the baby until the birth, despite what most people think. However, that hasn’t stopped the public from trying to figure out what the couple might name their baby. Harry always had a very close relationship with his late mother, and the public seems to think that he may want to honor his mother by naming the baby Diana. But since Diana’s life and name has so many emotions attached to it, the rest of the royal family may not agree with that potential name choice.

Prince William supposedly does not want Harry and Meghan’s baby to be named Diana

When Diana died, it was very difficult for both Will and Harry to deal with. It sent shockwaves through the entire royal family; Diana died suddenly in a car accident. It took her sons years to come to terms with her death, and Harry said he still struggles with the sadness at times. Will and Kate Middleton decided to give Charlotte the middle name Diana, and Will reportedly does not like the idea of anyone else in the family being named after his mother. Royal rumors suggest that Harry might name the baby Diana despite how Will feels, but nothing of the sort has been confirmed or proven.

Charles may side with William, since there are so many emotions that come with Diana’s name

Charles and Diana had a rocky relationship to say the least. While Charles knows that Harry and Will love their mother, he would likely side with Will that naming the baby Diana is not a good decision. Although Charles would never expect the boys to forget about their mother, he does have a new wife now, and out of respect for Diana, Charles, and Camilla, Charles probably would prefer Harry and Meghan take the subtler approach of a middle name. Plus, it may feel weird to be calling someone else in the family “Diana.” Charles might not necessarily get angry, but if he learned that Harry named the baby Diana against his brother’s preference, it could cause tension among the three men.

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Ultimately, Harry and Meghan haven’t been ones to listen to family members

Harry and Meghan have taken a different approach to royal life ever since they wed. Meghan has created her own path in the family, and Harry is following suit. Both of them appear to do things differently than Will and Kate, and that includes breaking various royal traditions. The couple hasn’t been the type to follow the rules, so it also might not surprise the public if they decide to name the baby Diana regardless. Ultimately, the choice is theirs, but royals typically get approval from the queen before going forward with a baby name. Time will tell if Harry and Meghan choose to pay homage to their mother with a first name or not. It’s also entirely possible the couple will have a boy, and Diana’s name won’t play a role at all.

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