You shouldn’t make your bed every morning – and expert reveals surprising reason why

For so many of us, making the beds as soon as we get up is a key part of a brilliant daily routine.

However, experts have now revealed why it may be better not to tidy your bedding away as soon as you get out of bed.

According toThe Sleep Council,the average adult loses almost 300ml of fluid each night.

This means that by making the bed as soon as you wake up, you can trap all of that moisture in the mattress.

This then festers during the day and is slept on again that evening.

Instead it's recommended that after a night’s sleep, you pull back the bed linen and give your mattress a “chance to breathe”.

This is especially key in the summer months as it can allow the moisture trapped in mattresses to evaporate.

Moisture can get trapped between the mattress and the linen causing discolouration and potentially odours.

By allowing mattresses to breathe and get rid of the moisture trapped within, they will last longer.

The experts at And So To Bed also explained how to clean mattresses to prolong their lives.

They said: “Don’t use a vacuum. It seems tempting to vacuum dust and fluff from your mattress but the powerful suction of a vacuum cleaner can cause the filling to become dislodged which can lead to bumps and dips.

“Instead use a soft brush to remove the debris onto the floor, which can then be vacuumed.”

They add that stains should be blotted – not scrubbed away – with a clean cloth. Though the type of mattress will determine whether the cloth should be wet or dry.

If your mattress is filled with natural fibres this should be a dry cloth as a wet one could damage the upholstery. While other mattresses may be able to withstand warm soapy water or a rung out clean cloth.

Using traditional cleaning methods such as bicarbonate of soda and various harsh chemicals are not recommended on mattresses.

They also recommend washing bedding every one to two weeks and mattress protectors once a month.

“Regularly cleaning these will stop any dirt seeping through the mattress, keeping it cleaner for longer. In the summer, you may have to clean your linen and protector more regularly due to sweat.”

Just recently, two students in Canada came up with a“human-sized” dog bedthat took TikTok by storm.

According to the official website ofPlufl’s, the bed is “the ultimate product by nappers for nappers,” and has been designed to help alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Far from being a glorified dog bed, the cosy crib is made from four-inch thick memory foam, orthopaedic foam and is covered in faux fur to improve user comfort.

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