Your Complete Horoscope for September 2018

As summer comes to an end and we enter the beginning of the fall season, astrologer Peter Watson breaks down what the stars have in store for the month ahead.


Even though you are known to take your commitments
seriously, especially in one particular area, you might not have been as conscientious as usual in recent weeks. Keep in mind that those people who rely on you in some way do so for a very good reason. You can’t let them down.

LUCKY DAY: The 22nd. By sharing your experiences, you attract new followers.


No one could blame you for wanting the best for those you love, but do you have the resources to be their main benefactor? Probably not. Plus there’s a danger that you’ll assume responsibilities you could never hope to fulfill.

LUCKY DAY: The 25th. Romantic overtures get you the attention your crave.


At first you may lack the confidence to address controversial issues. However, by mid-September you’ll realize that if you don’t speak up, nobody else will. Prepare to tap into a side of yourself you rarely display.

LUCKY DAY: The 13th. Halving your journey doubles your enjoyment.


Unusual demands made on you will keep you on your toes, but they mustn’t keep you from speaking to someone about topics dear to your heart. Without forcing the issue, make sure you express sentiments you’ve kept hidden.

LUCKY DAY: The 24th. The unexpected support of others makes your day.


Having missed out on an intriguing journey or venture, you’ll feel entitled to compensate yourself this month.You’ll have a wellspring of ideas and the ability to persuade others to back you all the way.

LUCKY DAY: The 9th. Thinking deeply but saying little scores you points


In the past you may have subscribed to the views of certain people regarding a complex situation, so your sudden change of opinion on the matter will surprise quite a few people, not least you.

LUCKY DAY: The 8th. Joining forces with others opens up new frontiers.


In a bid to add romance to a relationship that’s losing its spark, you may be told that you’re going too far. Try convincing your partner that the two of you can gain a lot by throwing caution to the wind.

LUCKY DAY: The 18th. Once you follow your instincts, you outwit rivals.


While developments are likely to benefit friends or colleagues as well as you, avoid the temptation to work even harder to reap a bigger payoff. Moderation will be your greatest ally.

LUCKY DAY: The 23rd. Indulging others rewards you in a way you never anticipated.


As much as you might resent the defiant attitude of relatives or friends, you may have to admit that your behavior was the root cause of the problem and acknowledge the part you played in what went wrong.

LUCKY DAY: The 11th.You step into the spotlight and earn acclaim

MAY 22–JUNE 21

Allow yourself to focus on your home and family this
month no matter how much pressure others try to
exert.Those on the outside may find it hard to accept
that your loved ones come first, but only you can decide
what your priorities truly are.

LUCKY DAY: The 6th. Sharing long-held secrets greatly improves relationships.


Someone looking for inspiration may come to you for advice. Although you’ll welcome the opportunity to help, you may want instant results. If you can manage your expectations, you’ll both win.

LUCKY DAY: The 14th.A word of warning averts a potentially negative outcome.


Money will be a point of discussion in September, but don’t let it over-shadow the need to address an intimate subject with someone close. This conversation will require full transparency, perhaps even baring your souls, so stop hiding and start talking.

LUCKY DAY: The 7th. Creative thinking boosts your bank balance.

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