Your horoscope with Lilith

Mercury joining Venus and Jupiter in deep and meaningful Scorpio amplifies the power of words to hurt or heal…

ARIES: Whether you're misinformed, just didn't think it through or had a sudden attack of foot-in-mouth, something you say could land you in hot water this week. A sarcastic comment or smart remark could come off as snarky and end up being emotionally expensive, so it's definitely worth editing before you utter.

Sagittarius, the Archer.

Sagittarius, the Archer.

TAURUS: Chatty Mercury in your partnership zone is usually an auspicious time to negotiate contracts or get back on track with colleagues and loved ones. Though if retro Venus derails The Talk into your least favourite territory – uncomfortably emotional – and temperatures start escalating, monitor your responses and sleep on it before taking action.

GEMINI: Gemini's planet mentor Mercury in Scorpio offers a three-week window of opportunity to turn your life around fast – by slowing down. Tuning out distractions and concentration on those admin chores you've been putting off. The answers you want are much more likely to arrive this week when your mind's quiet.

CANCER: This week's unpredictable and erratic, but also oddly intriguing with Mercury wickedly articulate, Saturn searching for sustainable solutions, Mars busy with future plans. If sulky Venus doing her once-every-18-months retro rhumba heats exchanges to an interpersonal crescendo, turn inward for insight. It's waiting.

LEO: With insecurities up and running, emotional control's imperative. Ranting might feel good in the moment but the blowback can be damaging. Speak from the heart, be genuine, authentic, fair. Others are much more likely to respond in kind if they feel heard by you. Accept your share of whatever's needed for repair.

VIRGO: A lot happening in Virgo's zone of local activities this week, and with your mentor planet Mercury at its most analytical and incisive, those shrewd insights and practical strategies will be more easily received if you tenderise them a little. Honey attracts a buzz, and sweetening up dry facts will make them more palatable.

LIBRA: Your moneymaking magnetism gets a boost this week, counter-balanced by your ability to spend it again – but then who can resist a bargain? With the friendly planet in reverse and indications for mingling mixed, is a relationship review in order? Perhaps that love or money talk you've been avoiding…

SCORPIO: With Jupiter, Venus and Mercury handing Scorpio the mic, you won't be shy about speaking out loud and proud. But this intense, passionate transit can make it hard to be impartial and objective, so choose your powerfully penetrating words carefully, in order for them to benefit everyone concerned.

SAGITTARIUS: This week's surprises could be upsetting if you react to them as obstacles, exciting if you view them as opportunities. Don't jump to conclusions about what you read or hear – dig deeper. If someone's attitude rankles, is it mirroring your own? When old resentments surface during retro Venus, a reliable reality check can help.

CAPRICORN: If you start feeling like you're not being heard or told everything this week, you might be right. Or is it your ambitious, determined self in team-building, collaborate-and-conquer mode who isn't quite hearing that others aren't interested in rules and restrictions – that they want freedom and autonomy?

AQUARIUS: If this week's feedback is met with unexpected resistance, controversial conversations could devolve into lashing out. It may take a lot of self-control not to vent, but afterwards you'll be glad you refrained. During late week Aquarius moon it's worthwhile lying low and listening for inner instructions.

PISCES: Yes, there's some disgruntlement and discord this week, but on the upside it's highly intuitive and great for creative visualisation. Take notice of the people around you who might be struggling and glad of a hand. The tremendous healing potential of this transit, both in giving and receiving, is a special gift.

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