10 Mistakes All Boomers Make Shopping Tech At Best Buy

If you grew up as part of the Boomer generation then it’s likely you don’t have as much expertise as newer generations concerning technology and how it works. We suddenly have tech for everything and there are tons of different computers, laptops, phones, televisions, and so much more to choose from.

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This fact can make a trip to Best Buy incredibly overwhelming. The retail giant has so much tech under its roof and there are so many items you’ll want to try and experience while you’re there.

But it’s important to be careful of some Best Buy traps. Here are 10 Mistakes All Boomers Make Shopping At Best Buy!

10 Not Thinking About The Future

Tech moves at an incredibly rapid rate nowadays. Electronics are changing and advancing quickly and the landscape is much different than it was in the 40s and 50s. That brand new top-of-the-line television or appliance was an investment that was meant to last as long as possible in the past but the newest tech space is ever-evolving.

Not thinking about the future can really come back to bite wallets hard later on. For example, with televisions all gravitating towards a 4K space, it’s worth looking into purchasing a 4K-capable set now. If not, some buyers may find themselves grabbing another television a lot sooner than they planned when the inevitable “shift” takes place.

9 Buying Extra Stuff You Really Don’t Need

There are so many options and add-ons to choose from when it comes to tech nowadays. It’s not as simple as running into the store and grabbing the nearest TV, heading home, and plugging it into the wall. You’ll need special HDMI cables for newer television sets and big-ticket items like computers and game consoles can come with a massive selection of “special accessories.”

It’s important not to buy into all the hype or pick up all the shiny bits and pieces to see lying around. You definitely don’t need a $100 HDMI cable when a $10 cable will do the trick. Make sure you don’t fall victim to buying frivolous add-ons.

8 Specs Are Important!

One of the biggest and most important pieces of tech you may be looking to buy is a computer or laptop. These machines are capable of doing amazing things but it’s important to know that they come in a wide variety of strengths, types, and price points.

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When you head to Best Buy to snag that latest deal on a new PC you’re going to want to make sure you check the specifications of the device first. There is nothing worse than pouring your hard-earned money into a laptop or computer that “looks fancy” but is filled with weak parts. Use the Internet to better understand what specs mean or even ask an expert at Best Buy what types of specs you need for what you plan on doing.

7 Not Bothering To Compare Prices

Best Buy is an absolute giant when it comes to selling tech. The company is one of the go-to names for anything from small electronics to large appliances (and everything in-between). Because of this, the company has become rather competitive with its pricing. You’ll usually find a mass of items on sale and a lot of the tech that Best Buy sells is priced to move.

That doesn’t mean they’re always the cheapest, though. Online shopping through sites like Amazon and eBay might yield you a better price and there will even be moments when box stores like Target and Walmart are offering a better price on a piece of tech you want. Don’t always assume Best Buy is cheapest just because they sell mostly electronics.

6 Old Tech Can Work Like New

Remember the old Ford your parents owned? The one they spent so much time and energy fixing up to ensure it was in tip-top running-shape? Computers, laptops, televisions, and other pieces of tech nowadays are a lot like cars. They can be repaired, refurbished, and replenished with new parts.

Just because something might be labeled as refurbished, open-box, or returned, doesn’t mean it’s not in fantastic working order. In fact, you can snag a lot of great deals at Best Buy if you’re willing to take a refurbished piece of tech for a spin. Most of them still come with warranties anyway!

5 Additional Warranties Can Be Worth It

You’ll definitely want to be on the lookout for anyone trying to upsell you on gear and accessories you don’t need but there are some add-ons that Best Buy offers that can actually be really beneficial in the long run.

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Usually, when you buy a new piece of tech you’ll be given the option to purchase an extended warranty for it at an additional cost. This can really pay off for some bigger things like appliances, expensive televisions, or pricey computers. It’s not practical to purchase an extended warranty on a $20 pair of headphones but it will really help you out if you have protection on that $4000 refrigerator.

4 Not Understanding Just How Wide-Open Tech Has Become

This is important for anyone out there that is unfamiliar with tech but wants to purchase something as a gift for a family member or someone close to them. Tech isn’t limited to singular brands and types anymore. There isn’t one style of vacuum cleaner or one type of television.

It’s important to know what kinds of tech your family already has before you step into Best Buy. Some pieces are not compatible with others (like purchasing a video game controller for the wrong system). By knowing exactly what products your loved ones own beforehand, experts can better assist you in avoiding costly mistakes and returns.

3 Never Be Afraid To Ask For Install Help

One of the best things about Best Buy is that they offer installation services on a lot of their products. This can be a godsend to someone who is unfamiliar with a piece of technology but wants to get the best experience they possibly can in their home.

Eyeing a new television set and sound system combo but are worried about how complicated it will be to hook it up? Need a new set of appliances but are worried about how exactly to go about installing it? These are the perfect moments to hire some additional help and there are many instances in which Best Buy might offer to install your device for free.

2 Don’t Avoid Shopping Online

The Internet has really changed the way people shop nowadays and that can be difficult for some people to get used to. You don’t have to fight through traffic and struggle to find parking just to get your hands on the latest and greatest technology anymore.

Best Buy has a beautifully designed, easy-to-navigate website that offers all its products and services. You can shop from home and pick up your items at your local store or even get free shipping on a lot of things. You might even score some discounts you wouldn’t have gotten had you shopped exclusively in-store.

1 Don’t Skimp On The Sound

As technology grows, companies are constantly battling one another for “tech supremacy” in a given space. We’ve seen televisions grow much larger and thinner than their predecessors but new TVs come with certain drawbacks. A lot of flatscreens have horrible sound quality and many people are turning to soundbars and sound systems to really amp up their entertainment spaces.

Make sure you know what kind of sound quality your television has before you purchase it.

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