AirPods 3 could be on the horizon if these leaks are to be believed

Nothing quite divides people like the Apple AirPods.

Some of us love the distinctive wireless headphones and others can’t stand them.

But the success of the little white buds has been unequivocal – you can’t walk down the street without seeing someone wearing a pair.

Apple updated the AirPods back in March and added a new, wireless charging case. The design of the buds themselves went unchanged.

However, internet gadget fans have been speculating on what the next generation of AirPods will look like. Designer Michael Reiplhuber shared a concept image on Twitter showing a smaller, more compact form factor for the earbuds.

This design appears to be based on images posted on tech site SlashLeaks that allegedly show a prototype version of the ‘AirPods 3’. Alongside the smaller design, they also appear to have a rubber inlay on each bud.

That would make these new earphones more comfortable to use and would also provide better sound insulation.

It’s worth pointing out that Apple hasn’t made any official remarks about the future of the AirPods so all of this is pure speculation at the moment.

But given how popular the AirPods have turned out to be, you wouldn’t bet against Apple having a brand new pair ready to unveil at some point in the future.

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