Apex Legends Season 11 release time – everything you need to know

Apex: Legends players are in for a treat as the game is set to drop a major new update with its latest season launch today.

As well as adding a new playable character, Ash, Season 11 'Escape' will include a new map called Storm Point.

Fans can expect the update to drop at around 6PM GMT today, although there's no word on the size of the update.

The new Legend, Ash, is described by the developers as "A simulacrum made from the woman who once was Dr. Ashleigh Reid, Ash detects death wherever she goes, spearing enemies with electric snares that lock them in place, tearing through space to take more lives."

They added: "It would be easy to think that there was nothing human left within that cold steel."

Ash will be able to see all deathbox locations as well as launch a one-way portal to a selected location.

Meanwhile, the Storm Point map promises to be the biggest Apex Legends level ever, and is around 15 percent bigger than World's Edge, the previous title holder.

It replaces the redeploy balloons with Gravity Cannons. These launch you in a set direction to help you outrun the storm ring when you've lagging behind. It will also let you steer as you travel through the air.

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There's also a new complex known as the Command Center. This mountain fortress is full of loot and can be jumped straight into from the drop ship. You can then use ziplines to travel to and from the top of the mountain.

Apex fans are particularly excited about the Barometer at the heart of the map. It's a spinning platform filled with loot, but promises to be a major defence challenge.

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Apex Legends: Escape will also include a new Battle Pass with a whole host of skins and rewards to unlock. Check your Playstation, Xbox, Switch or smartphone for updates from 6PM onwards.

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