Apple recalls older three-prong wall plug adapters due to risk of electric shock

SINGAPORE – Apple has announced the voluntary recall of its older three-prong wall plug adapters designed for use in Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

In a statement released on Thursday (April 25), Apple said the affected three-prong wall plug adapters, in very rare cases, may break and create a risk of electrical shock if exposed metal parts are touched.

Apple is aware of only six incidents of this worldwide so far.

But Apple has asked customers to stop using these affected plug adapters “because customer safety is a top priority”.

These three-prong wall plug adapters were shipped with Mac computers and certain iOS devices between 2003 and 2010.

They were also included in the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit.

Apple stressed that the recall does not affect any of its USB power adapters, which are included with iPhones and iPads.

The affected three-prong plug adapter is white, with no letters on the inside slot where it attaches to the main Apple power adapter.

For more information on how to identify affected adapters and exchange them for new ones, go to

This is not the first time Apple has initiated such a voluntary recall.

In January 2016, Apple recalled its two-prong wall plug adapters, shipped between 2003 and 2015, designed for use in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Argentina and Brazil for the same risk of electrical shock.

Apple has declined further comments on this matter.

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