Apple to release surprise new iPhone in March – with incredible budget model

Apple could be about to break with its usual September launch schedule—and release an incredible new budget iPhone next month.

The tech giant is reportedly set to unveil a brand new iPhone SE, which would be an upgraded version of its popular budget phone line.

According to Bloomberg, Apple will host a surprise launch event on March 8 for the the new 'cheap' iPhone as well as upgraded versions of the Mac and the iPad Air.

The iPhone SE 3 is tipped to feature Apple's powerful new A15 chip as well as 5G connectivity, which would make it faster than even high-end iPhones from a couple of years ago.

The release is set to tie in with the launch of its latest software update, iOS 15.4, later in March. This will add some much-needed new features such as FaceID for face masks and new emoji.

Although Apple hasn't officially confirmed an event yet, the company often unveils new products in Spring.

The iPhone SE first launched as a budget version in 2016. It was so popular that Apple released the iPhone SE 2 in 2020, which had more powerful components than earlier models but was much cheaper than the flagship handsets.

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The latest iPhone 13 was launched in September last year. It is billed as Apple's best phone yet, with millions of sales within weeks of going live.

The model boasts of having the most advanced pro camera system ever on the iPhone, and a battery life that has massively improved from previous models.

Although Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that the iPhone 13 will be available in four different models, he didn't announce the budget SE option at the time, leading fans to speculate when it will appear.

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