Apple to replace iPhone with metaverse ‘contact lens’ that lets you live in VR

The end of smartphones could be near as it looks like Apple is planning to move everything off of iPhones and into our eyeballs.

According to MacRumors, Apple is in the process of designing high-tech 'contact lenses' which will let you live in augmented reality without the need for a handheld device.

The 'Apple Lens' will combine the iPhone with Apple Glass and contact lenses so that you can make calls, search the web and even play games while being able to see the world around you.

The smart contact lenses will reportedly blend with your natural eye colour and use something called 'realityOS'. What's more, they'll be much cheaper than iPhones, with price points ranging between £99 and £299.

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who claims to have seen an internal research note from the company, says the lenses are set for a 2030 release date, and will move electronics towards 'invisible computing'.

He also said they're unlikely to have their own computing power and instead rely on another device or 5G connection for processing.

The leaks come amid rumours that Apple plans to remove the controversial screen 'notch' from the iPhone 14 and replace it with a 'pill' design that fans say looks even worse.

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The 'notch', which was introduced with the iPhone X, refers to the big black bar across the top of the iPhone screen that houses the selfie camera, light sensors and other kit.

Pictures show the notch gone, and instead two 'cutouts' shaped like a sideways letter 'i'. The leak has been independently verified by several different Apple analysts.

It appears that Apple is taking the components currently hidden by the notch and reducing any waste areas around them, leaving these visible.

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