Barclays app goes down as online banking outage infuriates customers

Thousands of Barclays customers have been left unable to access their accounts this morning as the banking app suffered an unexpected outage.

According to Down Detector, which monitors website outages, around 2,000 users began experiencing issues at around 6am this morning, October 27.

Similarly, Barclays’ status update page shows it is aware of a problem with the app and is working to fix it.

‘We’re sorry, we’re fixing a problem with our app right now,’ the website states.

The most impacted place appears to be London itself, with frustrated customers taking to Twitter to vent their grief.

One customer wrote: ‘Barclays is there a problem with online banking can’t see my account??’

Another added: ‘Is anyone else’s Barclays app down?? Can’t see any of my accounts when I open the app?’

Same. Can’t see my accounts via the app and I can’t login to online banking either. Error code 1175.

The bank’s social media team has also been in touch with people trying to fight the fire – explaining they’re working to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Hi Ross, thanks for getting in touch. There is an issue with the Barclays app at the moment, the team are working to get this fixed asap. I’m really sorry you’ve been unable to check your account today. The good news is you would still be able to use your card 👍 1/2

The majority of issues reported (68%) related to mobile banking, while a further 25% were about online banking and 7% mobile log ins, according to  DownDetector. 

Barclays’ UK Help Twitter account put out the following statement to one annoyed user: ‘Thanks for your message and please don’t worry! We’re aware of the issues with the app, the team are working hard to fix this ASAP.’ 


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