Battlefield 2042 opens for early beta access today, here’s how to sign up

It's been a long three years since the last instalment, but the latest addition to DICE's iconic tactical shooter is almost here.

Subscribers to EA Play and those who have preordered Battlefield 2024 can now access the open beta test, which launched earlier today and runs until 8AM on October 10th.

If you aren't eligible for early access just yet, don't worry. You'll be able to log on with everyone else from Friday 8th October, no preorder required.

Battlefield 2042 drops the historical World War settings of the previous two instalments in the series, and instead catapults players into the near-future for some massive 128-player battles.

It's notable for ditching the single player story mode and focusing entirely on multiplayer, which has been souped up with some incredible new graphics, game modes, and even 'extreme weather'.

Players are at risk from tornadoes and storms that can spontaneously appear on the map, wreaking havoc in their path.

As with earlier instalments in the series, Battlefield 2042 rewards teamwork and strategic victories over Rambo-style solo shooting.

There's also returning map events which change the layout of the map, similar to the zeppelin in Battlefield 1 or the collapsing skyscraper in Battlefield 4.

The beta test features a new map, Orbital, where you must focus on capturing or destroying a huge rocket at the centre of the map.

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Where to download

Console gamers can download the open beta from the Playstation Network store or Microsoft's Xbox store. They're both heavily advertising it, so it's hard to miss.

If you're on PC, you can nab your download from Steam, Origin or Epic Games.

You're looking at roughly a 100GB download, so make sure you have plenty of storage space available.

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