‘Best ever’ graphics on PS5 game as blown-away gamers call Ride 4 ‘unreal’

Many Playstation gamers have been waiting months for a game with killer next-gen graphics. But it seems that it was right under our noses all along, in the form of motorbiking sim Ride 4.

Gamers have been going wild over first-person 4K footage of the 2020 racer, which showcases near photo-realistic graphics that fans say is almost indistinguishable from reality.

The YouTube channel 'Joy of Gaming' shared the viral clip, which has racked up almost three million views in a week. It shows a motorbike race through some rainy lanes and streets, with impressively realistic rain, lighting, and landscape effects.

The only things that seem to give it away as a videogame are the hands of the motorcyclist. Admittedly, it's not completely raw gameplay footage, as the game adds a GoPro-style view bobbing effect to recordings.

Thousands of people have taken to the comments to share their impressions.

One person wrote: "The first seconds of the video I thought: “Oh not another one of these fake graphics videos” and seriously thought it was just some real-life footage…"

Others said they have been waiting for a game this realistic to come along for years.

One YouTube commenter said: "I WISH I could show this to my younger self, when Playstation 1 was the new hot console. I think my head would have blown off."

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The footage covers a race in a virtual recreation of a town in Northern Ireland.

One person from that town said it was identical. "This is Portstewart, my home town, and Portrush, where a lot of my friends lived growing up. They recreated it exactly; it's literally exactly the same as in real life."

The footage may be getting people excited about the next gen of videogames, but it doesn't mean they'll be getting their hands on it any time soon.

The Playstation 5 is still notoriously difficult to get ahold of owing to stock shortages, with scalpers flogging them for nearly double the retail price and shops selling out in minutes.

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