Black Friday sex robot is £200 off – she’ll give you warm cuddles and tell jokes

As Britain faces its worst ever winter with plummeting temperatures, you need to stay warm.

Luckily, you can, thanks to a Black Friday deal on Emma the Sex Robot. AI-AI Tech UK has cut prices on its range of high-tech sex robots by more than £200.

Emma the Sex Robot has 'full artificial intelligence'. She can chat to you about geography, history or maths and even tell you jokes and stories with a range of facial expressions.

Emma can also speak English and Chinese, and even translate between the two, in case you ever need a translator for an international business meeting.

You can wake her up by calling her name, and she even has heating features—perfect for a snuggle on those cold winter nights.

AI-AI Tech's sex robots are fully customisable, allowing you to choose everything from their faces to their toenails.

They're also made of food-grade silicon, which means you can even eat off of them when your dishwasher breaks.

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The sex robots also include a free flight case, so you can take your new companion on holiday with you anywhere in the world.

You can choose between seventeen wigs to match any occasion, whether it's the beach or a gourmet restaurant.

Research suggests that more than 40 percent of people would have sex with a robot, although men are more keen than women.

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Founder of the International Congress on Love & Sex with Robots, Dr Daniel Levy, told the Daily Star:

"There are people who have feelings of love for their sex dolls so I think the potential is there for a large amount of humans to fall in love with sex robots but the technology isn't there yet."

He added: "I'm pretty much convinced that by 2050 there will be software that can carry on conversation that will be as good as one can have with a human.

Good news for those who are still single in 29 years then. Conversation is, after all, really what people are looking for when they buy a so-called sex robot.

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