BREAKING Google Calendar and Search hit by massive outage

Google is offline for thousands of users, with Search and Calendar both impacted by an unexplained outage.

The web outage platform DownDetector has received more than 1300 reports that Google's services are down since 9AM GMT, from its search website to Google Calendar.

89 percent of the reports say the Google website is the worst hit, while other services such as Gmail and Youtube remain unaffected.

People have been receiving a '500' error code message instructing them to "try again later" and that "Calendar could not load the data. Please try reloading later".

Google users in both the UK and Europe seem to be affected by the issue. It is not clear if it is being caused by Storm Brenna.

While Google has not acknowledged an outage on its service status page or its official Calendar social pages, some Twitter users say their day has been heavily disrupted.

"I am absolutely lost without my Google calendar," wrote one Twitter user.

Others want to use it as an excuse for a day off. "Is this the grown-up equivalent of a snow day?" said one.

"If Google Calendar goes down for more than 15 minutes you get to go home it's the law" said another.

Google has been approached for comment.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as more information becomes available

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