Cheapest place to buy a Google Home devices- best deals spotted online

Smart home devices are slowing taking over our homes, with Google Home products some of the most popular tech products shoppers are choosing to invest in.

If you’re looking to buy one, prices often fall at various points throughout the year, with Black Friday and Christmas offering the biggest mark downs. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find decent discounts at other times in the year too – it’s just a case of knowing where to look.

Before taking the plunge it is worth ddeciding which device to go for. Google has four-piece line up of smart home devices: the Google Home, the Google Home Mini, the Google Home Max and the Google Home Hub, which has its own screen.

Each rival Amazon’s on smart home range (we’ve got the same price comparison for Amazon’s full range here) and range from £49 for the mini up to £399 for the newer Google Home Max, which is right up there in terms of music quality if you’re looking to feel every beat of a song.

With the devices sold at so many different retailers, prices do vary a lot. So we’ve rounded up the very best places to buy each Google Home device below.

Cheapest Google Home mini

Ask it to play music, set alarms, tell you the latest news, weather and even jokes, or link it up to your other smart home products so you can turn the lights on with only your voice.

While it may be the cheapest option of the lot, never underestimate the power of a small but mighty device.

  •, £49
  • John Lewis, £49
  • Currys, £49
  • Google, £49
  • Argos, £49
  • Wickes, £49

Cheapest Google Home Hub

Retailing at £139, the Google Home Hub is much cheaper than the new version of the Amazon Echo Show (and that’s before the discount).

With full YouTube support (ideal for watching music video, trailers, cooking videos), it also links up to all your other smart home devices so you can control your Nest or lightbulbs from an easy-to-use screen.

The only thing it doesn’t have? A camera. So if you want to do any voice calling, you may want to opt for a Lenovo Show instead, which works alongside the Google Assistant.

  • eBay, £120
  • Currys, £139
  • John Lewis, £139
  • Argos, £139
  • Very, £139
  • Google, £139

Cheapest Google Home Smart Speaker

The big differences between the usual Google Home and the mini is that the larger option comes with touch controls on top to easily adjust the volume and experience better sound quality thanks to a much bigger speaker.

  • John Lewis, £129
  • Currys, £129
  • Very, £129
  •, £129
  • Argos, £129
  • Wickes, £129
  • Google, £129

Cheapest Google Home Max 2

This is Google’s largest smart speaker and it comes at a hefty price.  But it does provide premium quality audio for an entire room in a compact system, complete with Google’s beautiful minimalist design.

The speaker can automatically tweak equalizer settings to ensure optimum audio for the room layout all thanks to its internal microphones.

  • Currys, £399

  •, £399

  • John Lewis, £399

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