China tests mysterious missile and describes it as a 'UFO'

China has carried out a missile test and described the mysterious object it launched as a ‘UFO’.

The People’s Liberation Army announced the test in a surprisingly light-hearted post on the social network Weibo.

It shared a picture of a missile launcher followed by well as a shot of a bright object in the twilight sky over the Bohai Sea.

Although the PLA did not identify the object, viewers speculated that it was a missile launched from a submarine.

Both posts featured the caption: ‘Do you believe in this world there are UFOs.’

Last year, images of a similar UFO over China were hailed as evidence the People’s Republic is testing a hypersonic aircraft capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

The otherwise secretive test appeared to catch many residents off guard. They reportedly stared at the sky in amazement, often shouting: ‘What is that? What is that thing?’ according to local news services.

It’s believed China is developing a hypersonic glide vehicle that could carry nuclear warhead and be used for precision strikes that would bypass even the most complex missile defence systems.

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