Classic ‘Crazy Taxi’ game set for big budget reboot – possibly as ‘Crazy Uber’

The videogame company Sega is planning to release high-def versions of classic games including Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio.

According to Bloomberg, Sega has spent over a year working on the Crazy Taxi reboot and plans to release it in the next two to three years.

Along with Jet Set Radio, it will make up half of four planned 'Super Games', with the third being an untitled shooter game that aims to make $780 million.

Sega's Super Games initiative is designed to create games with large online communities and generate lots of revenue, similar to how Fortnite, Warzone and other games use microtransactions and in-game purchases to keep the cash rolling in for the developers.

Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio date back to the Sega Dreamcast, and were two of the most highly-rated games of their era.

Crazy Taxi first appeared in arcades. This iconic driving game sees players pick up and deliver passengers to various locations across a virtual San Francisco-style city under a strict time limit.

In the era of Uber and Lyft, it might not even be called Crazy Taxi anymore, but Crazy Uber.

The game, which is easy to play but very tricky to master, is fondly remembered as one of the best early driving games.

If Sega goes ahead with the release it would mark yet another nostalgia-fuelled videogame re-release.

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Gaming companies are increasingly turning to their back catalogues for old titles in need of a reboot.

Nintendo is reportedly working on emulators for its Game Boy series of consoles, updated for Nintendo Switch players who pay a monthly subscription fee to Switch Online.

Currently, Switch Online subscribers can play NES, SNES, Nintendo 64 and even Sega Genesis games for a small monthly fee.

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