Clouds make the moon look like Saturn in incredible image

This stunning image has captured a new perspective of the moon – making it appear like its distant neighbour Saturn.

Photographer Francisco Sojuel, 25, took the photo from the base camp of volcano Acatenango, Guatemala.

He took it before sunrise after a tiring six hour hike to get there.

In the picture clouds are forming around the moon which making it look strikingly like the sixth planet from the sun – Saturn.

The sun illuminates the moon, which is in a slight crescent phase.

Around it on the clear night are so stars shining above the mountains and lights below from small Guatemalan towns.

Mr Sojuel, who lives in Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala, said: ‘This is one of the most beautiful moments that I have managed to capture with the camera, where you can express different feelings when looking at the photograph.

‘It also makes you wake up your imagination because it seems like another planet and makes you question how the moon and that thin cloud managed to align itself.

‘It is a unique moment that the universe gave me and I am very happy because all the viewers liked the image.’

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