Creepy robot steals parents’ voices and reads their kids bedtime stories

As any parent will tell you, parenting isn't easy.

It's hard enough getting the kids to school every morning and making them three square meals a day without them expecting you to read them an epic yarn before bed.

Luckily technology is on hand to help even the laziest parent read fairy tales to their kids.

A new smart speaker called the Takara Tomy Coemo uses sophisticated artificial intelligence to create 'convincing' deepfake clones of parents' voices.

The smart speaker can then read more than 60 bedtime stories and nursery rhymes in a parent's voice, without you having to even open a book.

Using an Android or iPhone app, parents just have to read a 15-minute script to teach the AI how to talk.

The voice won't be a perfect copy but is designed to closely mimic the way a parent speaks.

The speaker, which looks like a cute speech bubble with a bright glowing face, knows fairytales from the Brothers Grimm and even Japanese folktales.

All you need is three AA-batteries and about £85.

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The speaker will be available to preorder from June 14.

According to the National Literacy Trust, children's reading levels are at the lowest they've ever been, with their levels of 'reading enjoyment' at the lowest since 2013.

Estimates also suggest that reading to children before bed can help build a close relationship between parents and their kids, and promote reading for pleasure.

Letting a smart speaker read to your child might be easy, but the benefits of bedtime stories go way beyond just enjoying Cinderella for the 100th time.

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