Diversity's Perri Kiely on eco-tech and using his Apple Watch to count calories

Perri Kiely shot to fame in 2009 as the youngest member of Britain’s Got Talent-winning dance troupe Diversity.

Since then, he’s continued dancing, as well as taking part in Dancing on Ice and hosting a KISS radio show with Jordan Banjo.

We chatted to the dance star about big screen fails and why shower music can help save the planet.

You and Jordan Banjo have joined the BT Big Sofa Summit to get the nation talking about climate change. How can smart tech help us?

We wanted to help people understand that it is the little changes in life that can help. For example, I’m cutting out what I used to do in the morning, which was turn the shower on before I needed it.

It’s a big waste of money and energy. My tip is to have a little playlist about four tracks long. When that final song comes to an end, you know it’s time to turn the shower off. I need to upgrade my waterproof shower speaker.

Any other favourite smart eco-tech that’s also climate friendly?

Yeah! I’d love to kit out my whole house. I’m doing a bit of renovation at the moment, so I’ve just put in some Samsung SmartThings-enabled Hue smart bulbs. I feel like I’m Iron Man walking around my house, turning lights on and off.

Before, I was bad at getting up to make sure lights were off around the house. Now I can shout over to my Amazon Echo Show and tell Alexa to turn the lights off in certain rooms, or I can ask Alexa to set a reminder for me to turn off the heating — little changes like that save energy.

Do you have quite a connected smart home?

I’m trying to. I started with the classic Ring doorbell and cameras around the house, and then I just got a really cool, crazy 75in Samsung QN700A Neo QLED 8K HDR Smart TV, which I have them all connected to.

What’s your favourite tech to use for dancing?

An Apple Watch. I like to track fitness and calories because I’m not the best at dieting.

Jordan and I present our Kiss radio show super early each morning, so sometimes by the time I come home, I just want to snack on everything. I use my Apple Watch to keep on top of it and know what I’m burning.

Have you ever had a tech-related fail while performing?

There are always tech fails when we’re doing our live Diversity shows. We usually have a huge LED screen and there have been a couple of performances where the screen glitches out or the screen is 20 seconds behind and everyone’s freaking out.

What sort of sound system do you have at home?

Just the other day, I bought the Samsung HW-Q950A Dolby Atmos Soundbar and a wireless subwoofer. The sound quality is insane.

Are you a gamer?

Yeah, I’ve got a PS5. I love to play Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. And of course, I like to play a bit of Fortnite.

Recently I did a dance on TikTok which was made into a Fortnite dance, so I’ve literally downloaded my own dance and have been running around doing it in front of people on Fortnite.

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