Don’t click on this dangerous email, it could break your Windows PC

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Gmail: Google demonstrates how to block an email address

As always, there are other ways you can keep safe from similar email threats and malware scams in general.

As a rule of thumb, always be wary of unsolicited messages, especially those that try to get you to click on external links or attached files.

And double-check a few things about the correspondence. Easy ways to spot a scam include having a look at the sender’s email address.

If the message claims to be from a reputable company, but the sender’s email address is not attached to a domain linked to that firm, or is from a generic Gmail or Hotmail account then that should send alarm bells ringing.

If you’re unsure though, you can always directly contact the company in question to see if the message is from them. Doing this may take a bit of time but it can save you a lot more time that would be caused if you fell for the scam, not to mention the stress caused by it.

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