EE customers can enjoy the latest version of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook for FREE

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EE customers can now enjoy the latest version of Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote and more without spending an extra penny. That’s because the BT-owned brand has added the Microsoft 365 subscription service to its list of Smart Benefits.

It joins the long list of perks already available, including a free Netflix, Apple Music or BT Sports Ultimate subscription. Customers can also choose to have any video streaming applications not count towards your monthly data allowance, or take their minutes, text messages and data abroad without paying any extra.

Smart Benefits can be changed each month, so you can switch to the Roam Abroad ahead of a two-week holiday and then switch back to a complimentary BT Sports Ultimate subscription when you’re back at home. Smart Benefits can be configured within the EE mobile app, which is available on Android and iPhone.

EE Smart Plans

If you want to stream endless albums from Apple Music, binge-watch everything on Netflix, or install Microsoft Word on up to five different devices without paying for the privilege – you need to make sure you’re on an EE Smart Plan. You can pick ‘n mix between these perks each month from the EE app. Smart Benefits are available across mobile, SIM-only, tablet and other contracts

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