EE matches Vodafone with bargain SIM-only deal: Get 160GB for just £20 a month

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EE has updated one of its best SIM-only deals, with the mobile provider now giving away an extra 10GB of 5G data to its customers. Previously one of the best SIM-only deals you’d be able to find with EE offered 150GB of 4G and 5G data for £20 a month. But just this week the leading mobile firm has updated this deal to offer 160GB of data for the same price.


EE has just made one brilliant SIM-only deal even better. Usually for £20 a month you’ll get 150GB of 5G data, but now EE is offering 160GB of data. This matches a brilliant deal Vodafone runs, but as an added bonus with EE you’ll get six months worth of Apple Music entirely for free

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This offer matches a limited-time deal that Vodafone is also running until May 26.

But EE offers one extra reason to go with its service, as customers who pick up the 160GB SIM will also get six months worth of Apple Music access thrown in entirely for free.

Apple Music – which offers you access to a library of over 75million songs – usually costs £9.99 a month, so this offers an additional saving of almost £60.

The 160GB EE SIM-only deal runs for 24 months and also offers unlimited texts and minutes.

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For those willing to spend a bit more, EE customers can upgrade this plan to include a Smart Benefit.

Smart Benefits are extra add-on services you can bundle with your EE contract.

Smart Benefits that are available include Apple Music, Apple TV+ and BT Sport Ultimate subscriptions.

If you want to get the EE 160GB SIM with one Smart Benefit included then it will cost you £25 a month.

100GB for £12

SMARTY, which is powered by Three, has a swathe of SIM deals starting from just £6 per month. However, right now there’s also an epic offer which includes 100GB of data for £12 per month.

Free 5G upgrade | No long-term contract | Free data roaming

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Get Unlimited data

SMARTY has unlimited data to just £20 per month. This SIM also includes endless calls and texts plus full access to 5G

Free 5G upgrade | No long-term contract | Free data roaming

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The new EE deal comes as other mobile providers have also launched bargain SIM-only offers.

One of these is from contract-free mobile network SMARTY, who are offering a 100GB SIM for the low price of just £12 a month.

With this SIM you’ll get 5G data, unlimited calls and texts, a pledge for no annual price rises as well as EU roaming included.

Alternatively, you could also head to the Three Mobile website and pick up their Unlimited data SIM.

Unlimited SIM from Three

Three is offering customers thinking of switching over a big incentive. If you move to Three on its SIM-only Unlimited plan during you’ll be rewarded with a £100 free gift card. Not only that, but you’ll enjoy half price line rental for six months. This slashes the usual £22 per month price to £11.

Three SIM-only | Unlimited data | Unlimited minutes and texts | 24 months

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This SIM usually costs £22 a month, but for a limited-time only the first six months are available for half price.

The Three Unlimited data SIM costs £11 a month for the first six months.

If that deal wasn’t enough, Three is also offering £100 cashback. When you sign up to get this Three Unlimited SIM you’ll get a pre-paid Mastercard with £100 for you to spend.

For those that are looking for a new phone, Three Mobile is also a free Mastercard with £250 when you get a new handset.

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