Eerie AI tech predicts what selfies at the end of the world will look like

A TikTok account has revealed terrifying "end of the world" selfies after asking creepy artificial intelligence technology to give examples of what they will look like.

The profile, which is aptly named Robot Overloards, posts "disturbing AI-generated images" every day – with the creator using the DALL-E mini AI image generator to answer some unsettling requests.

In a video they shared earlier this week, the user asked the software to show what "the last selfie ever taken" will look like – but the images it produced weren't for the faint of heart.

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Each AI-generated image shows apocalyptic scenes including mutilated humans holding phones as the world has descended into chaos around them.

Some of the people in the images, which have gained more than 1.6million views, looked more like skulls and had blood running down their faces.

One of the images was even animated – making TikTok users even more freaked out about them than before.

One user commented: "Everyone is talking about the moving one I’m still recovering from the FEAR in the eyes of the third one."

Another wrote: "Moving?! Like it wasn’t scary enough?!"

A third said: "It makes me upset to know there are going to be people there to actually experience when humanity falls."

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The news comes after an artificial intelligence tool has written an essay about itself, sparking concerns that it could be on the way to self-awareness.

Swedish scientist Almira Thunström said she instructed an AI called GPT-3 to write 500 words about itself with full scientific references and citations.

Thunström was stunned by the quality of the paper, which was produced in just 2 hours. She asked GPT-3 if it consented to be published, to which it answered yes.

She believes it has opened up a number of questions about authorship, including around AI writing research papers in the future.


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