Elon Musk claims his AI Tesla bots will develop personality’s by watching humans

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has announced that his much-hyped humanoid robots could “develop unique personalities”.

And the world's richest person has even claimed that they could befriend humans, too.

Talking to Russia-born Lex Fridman, on his latest podcast, the Tesla owner said: “It could develop a personality over time that is unique. It’s not like all the robots are the same.

“That personality could evolve to match the owner, or whatever you want to call it.”

However, The Mirror reports, the Space X CEO explained that he was “walking before running” when it came to his AI-powered, Tesla-made robots.

He plans to make the robots do “jobs that humans didn’t want to do first” – which sounds ominous.

He said: “That’s what we’re aiming for, for the humanoid robots to do jobs that humans don’t necessarily want to do.

“They could be used for repetitive and boring work that could result in human injury.”

Also on the podcast, Musk made an extraordinary claim that he knows the real identity of the very secretive man who created Bictoin – Satoshi Nakamoto.

The identity of the man has never been revealed since the project launched in 2010.

But Musk claims to know what the rest of the world doesn't.

He said: “Well, you can look at the evolution of ideas before the launch of bitcoin and see who wrote about those ideas.

“It seems as though Nick Szabo is probably, more than anyone else, responsible for the evolution of those ideas.”

Mr Szabo was, at the time, known for his work in digital contracts and digital currency.

He has often been rumoured to be behind the digital currency, but it has never been confirmed.

Mr Szabo has never really denied that he is the man behind it, but he has never confirmed it, either.

The closest he came to comment on it was when he told New York Times: “I’m not Satoshi, and I’m not a college professor. In fact, I never was a college professor.”

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