Facebook builds ‘soft and sensitive’ robot skin to train AI how to touch

Researchers at Facebook (now Meta) have unveiled a new kind of robot 'skin' that they claim will enable AI to touch, feel, and grab things.

While AI is getting very good at sight and sound, touch has proved more difficult due to a lack of affordable sensors. Now, Meta's 'ReSkin' technology is designed to help robots learn how to touch by generating 'tactile' data.

The company released videos of robots gripping grapes and blueberries using the robo-skin. While a robot arm crushed fruit without the skin in place, it is able to delicately pick it up without causing any damage thanks to ReSkin.

"We believe these advances should make tactile perception far more accessible and attractive for physical-world applications by advancing the sensing abilities of AI," the Facebook researchers wrote.

At $6 per piece, the robot skin is very cheap and can be used for robot hands, gloves, and even dog shoes.

It even works on humans, which would enable developers to make 'gloves' that could allow people to touch and feel virtual objects in virtual reality.

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Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and founder of Meta, said in a Facebook post that the robot skin "brings us one step closer to realistic virtual objects and physical interactions in the metaverse".

The metaverse, which was formally announced last week, is Zuckerberg's plan for a new version of the Internet based on VR and AR that allows you to walk around inside of it and meet your friends 'physically'.

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"At its heart is the idea that by creating a greater sense of 'virtual presence', interacting online can become much closer to the experience of interacting in person," explained Meta Vice President Nick Clegg.

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