Facebook DOWN as new outage reports flag desktop issues

Thousands of reports are coming in that Facebook servers are down across the United States and other parts of the world.

The good news is that this isn’t a worldwide outage, meaning it should take as long to bring everyone back online.

But for now, there are a lot of Facebook users reporting issues signing into their account on desktops.

The same issues have not been flagged on mobile phones, meaning this could be limited to just PCs and Macs.

One user writes: “Not working on PC in Milwaukee. Working on my T-Mobile iPhone though.”

Another adds: “Down in Bloomington IL. Not working on Mac or iPad, but working on iPhone. Weird.”

It’s unclear what might have caused the US outage or how long it might take to bring everyone back online.

Those affected by today’s outage report going through the login process, only to find a blank screen waiting for them.

Facebook has a good track record of fixing localised outages quickly, meaning servers could be working again very soon.


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