Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were downed by aliens, Uri Geller claims

Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp were brought down earlier this week by aliens, renowned spoon bender and TV psychic Uri Geller claims.

The two social media giants and the phone messaging service were out of action for up to seven hours on Monday.

The outage—which affected 3.5 billion users around the world—was blamed on an internal technical issue which caused servers to crash.

Facebook said a change to its router settings caused its platforms to vanish from the Internet, with internal communication failures leading to the seven-hour blackout.

But psychic Uri, 74, claims high-tech Martians are behind the whole thing.

Uri tweeted: “National Security Agency, Pentagon are frantically investigating."

“Alien extraterrestrial technology can do this."

“Nuclear ballistic missile systems are in danger."

“Kremlin, China involved too,"

“It’s a huge mystery for social networks.

“They have to come up with some kind of an earthly explanation.”

Geller added that aliens are targeting nuclear weapons on Earth, and demands that the issue is investigated.

One fan then asked: “You saying aliens caused a server crash?”

TV star Uri, whose best man in 2001 was Michael Jackson, replied: “My feeling, yes."

“What’s the big deal for them?”

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Adam Read said: “It’s all coming out and there is no stopping this process."

“They are all frantic because they all played their own part in keeping this subject matter quiet and away from humanity."

Famous for his spoon-bending illusions and other paranormal magic tricks, Geller believes his powers were given to him by extraterrestrials.

He once wrote a letter to former PM Theresa May claiming he would use telepathy to stop Britain leaving the EU.

Other 'feats' include teleporting a dog, and suing Nintendo for 'stealing his likeness' for the telepathic Pokemon character 'Kadabra'.

Geller joked in another tweet that only he could help the planet survive following the outage.

He shared a meme which read: “Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are down."

“And only one man can save us."

“Uri Geller.”

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