Facebook Messenger showing 1 message – How to get rid of notification

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Facebook users often use Messenger as their preferred method of communication with friends and family, but sometimes the app will take them to an empty interface where they find they can’t clear the notification. Clicking on the app’s icon doesn’t help, as those affected end up redirected to a messageless interface. Express.co.uk can explain where the pesky glitch comes from, and how people can fix it. 

How to clear the Facebook Messenger notification:

Begin by opening a browser on your desktop – not on your phone.

Next, navigate to Facebook.com and log in to your account.

Then in the left navigation field, click the Messenger link.

You should see the unread message on the left-hand side, indicated by text in a bold font.

Now click the message and Facebook Messenger will mark it as read.

Log in to the Facebook mobile app and you should no longer see the unread message icon.

Facebook users can send Messenger requests to connect.

When you do connect, Facebook will send a message confirming your accounts have been connected and you are able to message each other.

Anecdotal evidence suggests the most common unread messages are these types of messages.

After reviewing your messages, be sure to pay careful attention to those and mark them as read.

Those Facebook system notifications can often be the cause of the glitch that causes the unread message badge to show on the Facebook mobile app.

This irritating issue is often caused by the use of Facebook emoticons, sentiments, and feelings.


When a user replies to a message with a “thumbs up” or smiley face, for example, Facebook Messenger registers it as a reply, which is now an unread message.

So even a simple emoticon can create an unread message, triggering the unread message badge in the Facebook mobile app

When you switch over to the conversation in mobile, however, viewing that sentiment does not register as having read the message.

This causes the sentiment to remain in unread status, triggering the new message icon to recur again and again.

Those lacking access to a desktop machine can also open Facebook.com in their mobile browser.

They can then choose Show Desktop View or Request Desktop Site from their browser’s drop-down menu.

This will force Facebook to show you the desktop version of the site and allow you to navigate to Facebook Messenger within the browser, instead of within the mobile app, and clear this issue.

Another tip involves logging in to the desktop site on Facebook and click over to Messenger.

You can from here click the gear icon in the upper-left corner and choose Unread Threads to find anything Facebook thinks is unread.

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