First WhatsApp, now one of Google’s most important apps gets dark mode option

It’s been a good week for dark mode fans. After months of patiently waiting, WhatsApp finally added support for dark mode to its messaging app – eliminating the glare anytime that you reply to text in the middle of the night. And now Google has tweaked its dark mode support in one of its most important mobile apps – the Google Play Store.

With Android 10, Google added a system-wide dark mode, which allowed users to change the appearance of all of their Google-designed apps with one switch in the settings. Dark mode can also be customised to a certain time of day – to ease your eyes at night, or can be switched on all the time to boost your battery life.

But not everyone is satisfied with that all-or-nothing approach, so Google and a truckload of other developers have started to add manual toggles for each app to determine which ones get gloomy and which ones stick with the traditional bright-white user interface.

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The Google Play Store, where most Android smartphone owners need to head to get apps, updates, eBooks, music and movies, is one of the last major Google apps to gain a toggle for its dark mode. If you’re the person who likes the idea of having dark mode enabled on WhatsApp and Google Maps, but loathes the idea of a dingy Play Store when they shop for their next movie rental – this is the option for you.

The new toggle means that there’s no need to put up with a look you don’t like, or worse yet, change every other app with the system-wide settings.

To pick one of the three options available – light, dark, or match system settings – you’ll need to fire-up Google Play Store and then head to Settings > Themes. Google is slowly staggering the new feature at the moment, so don’t panic if you don’t immediately see the option – it’ll likely arrive on your handset in the coming days.

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