Forget iOS 14! This iOS 13 iPhone update could end storage woes and fix your screen

We’re possibly just a month away from Apple’s iOS 14 being released to the world with a launch confirmed for the autumn. However, despite this upgrade bringing a swathe of new features you shouldn’t forget about the software that’s currently powering your iPhone.

iOS 13 has just received a new update and there’s some very good reasons to download it as it fixes an issue with the available storage on your device and repairs a display glitch that has left some users seeing a green tint on the screen.

iOS 13.6.1 is available right now and here’s what’s included in the release.

• Addresses an issue where unneeded system data files might not be automatically deleted when available storage is low

• Fixes a thermal management issue that caused some displays to exhibit a green tint

• Fixes an issue where Exposure Notifications could be disabled for some users

You can find this update by going to the Settings menu then tapping General and Software Update.

It’s worth noting that this is a large 388.2 MB file so you’re probably best making sure your device is connected to WiFi before attempting to download and install it.

It’s not official, but this could be one of the very last iOS 13 updates before iOS 14 is released.

Apple is yet to confirm when this blockbuster upgrade will be pushed out to devices across the world but this usually happens at some point in September.

However, things could be slightly delayed this year as the new iOS usually arrives after the latest iPhones have been launched and Apple has already confirmed a later release for its flagship devices this year.

Once iOS 14 is available expect some pretty radical changes to your phone including the introduction of widgets.

Yes, you will soon be able to transform the homescreen with everything from weather widgets and emails to activity levels and music. You can even change these information-packed squares to any size and add as many of them as you like.

And that’s not the only change as Apple is also adding something called App Library which allows you to hide those endless apps filling up your phone without actually deleting them.

Other updates include a better way to message your mates with group chats now easier to organise plus there’s some fun new ways to spruce up your Memoji characters with additional hairstyles, headwear and accessories. iOS 14 also brings picture-in-picture video to the iPhone for the first time. So, you’ll be able to carry on watching the football while you surf the web or chat with friends on WhatsApp.

Finally, Apple has changed how some apps work on iPhone. Instead of downloading a dedicated application for every takeaway order or cinema ticket purchase, Apple is now letting you access the most important part of the app straight from the homescreen. Called App Clips this addition will make it much faster to interact with a range of products and services and means your iPhone won’t be full of apps you’ve only used once.

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