Fortnite Chapter 3 lets you slide and play as Dwayne The Rock Johnson

The long-awaited Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1 is finally here, and it's flipped the battle royale game upside-down—literally.

The game's iconic island map has had a complete overhaul, with new locations, a weather system, and a ton of famous new character skins including Spider-Man, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, and Gears of War.

Spider-Man is featured heavily in Chapter 3. Players can pick up his iconic web shooters and swing their way around the map, which includes the iconic Daily Bugle building from the long-running superhero series.

There's also an exciting new feature called Victory Crowns. If you place high enough in a match, you'll start your next one wearing the Crown. This can give you bonus XP if you can hang onto it for long enough.

How to slide in Fortnite Chapter 3

One cool new feature in Fortnite Chapter 3 is the sliding ability. This lets your character slide quickly down hills and slopes in order to traverse the map faster and escape the storm.

To slide, you need to sprint, then press and hold the crouch button.

It will only work down angled surfaces like rooftops, mountains, or hills, so don't bother trying it uphill.

There's also an option in the settings called 'slide hold time', which lets you increase or shorten the amount of time required holding the button to make your character start sliding.

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How do I fix the Fortnite white screen issue?

Yesterday, thousands of Fortnite players encountered a 'white screen' glitch on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation 4.

This meant their screen would go entirely blank when they logged into the game and the new season's official cut scene was playing. This made it impossible to play the game.

Luckily, Epic Games have quickly acted on the issue and released a new update to fix the error.

"The 'white screen' issue is now resolved. Players should wash ashore and begin Chapter 3 momentarily, or can restart their game to jump in," the company wrote on its official Twitter.

However, some people are still reporting the error. If this is the case, you can either try:

  • waiting ten minutes to see if the game reloads you in
  • restarting Fortnite
  • checking you have the latest version of the game installed by opening options and hitting 'check for updates' on your console

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