Frenchman’s attempt to cross English Channel on a jet-powered hoverboard fails

Frenchman Franky Zapata has fallen into the water during his attempt to cross the English Channel on a jet-powered hoverboard.

Zapata missed a landing platform mounted on a boat as he tried to land midway for refuelling, a member of his technical team said. He is not injured.

Zapata was making his attempt on the 110th anniversary of the first powered flight between Britain and France.

He had hoped to reach to Dover in about 20 minutes, flying at up to 140 kilometres per hour at an altitude of between 15 to 20 metres on a hoverboard he had designed himself.

He took off from Sangatte, France, at 07:06 GMT, carrying about 42 litres of kerosene in his backpack, and was due to stop midway on a ship to refuel.

Zapata wowed crowds on July 14 Bastille Day, flying over a military parade on Paris' Place de la Concorde in the presence of French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


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