Frisky Fortnite gamers earning fortune online – like lass who sold bath water

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When subscription service OnlyFans announced last August that it would ban X-rated content on the platform, social media went into turmoil.

OnlyFans quickly overturned the policy – but at the time it was bizarrely backed by a professional Fortnite player.

It may seem like an unusual link between a popular computer game and a subscription service used by sex workers – but gamers also flocked to the site after its launch in 2016.

But Fortnite streamer FaZe Sway, who has 1.5million Twitter followers, tweeted last year: “OnlyFans is removing porn from their site, meaning that you f***s are gonna have to start getting a real job now.”

The controversial post caused a mixed reaction, with one reply saying: “I’m sorry I cannot get over the professional Fortnite gamer telling sex workers that sex work isn’t a real job it’s literally the funniest thing I’ve seen.”

Another gamer hit back with: “As content creators we rely heavily on the platform. We’re so easily out of the job if advertisers decide gaming videos shouldn’t be supported.

“We’re in no position to say nonsense like this.”

Since then, OnlyFans and Fortnite have continued to live in harmony.

And here we take a look at the people who have combined gaming and stripping to earn fortunes.

Erin Sanaghan and Tyler Thompson

Just this week we told you how Erin Sanaghan met her boyfriend Tyler Thompson on Fortnite – before hooking up to sell X-rated content.

Social worker Erin, 19, told Daily Star: “We first met on Fortnite and we’ve been together for two years and four months.”

And bricklayer Tyler, 22, added: “We both met through someone else on the game. It’s crazy that if we didn’t join the lobby together we would have never met. It took about a month until we met in person and we used to play every night together.”

The kinky pair, from Doncaster, South Yorks, now earn up to £5,000 a month on the platform.

Despite now being able to afford luxury holidays, they have kept their day jobs while treating fans to a live show every Sunday.

Corinna Kopf

One of the most popular Fortnite streamers who also profits from OnlyFans is Corinna Kopf – popularly known as “the pouty girl”.

The stunning blonde, based in LA, has a whopping 6.4million followers on her Instagram.

She even mentioned in a vlog that she has made over four million dollars on OnlyFans since joining last June.

And Corinna, 26, told Fortnite streamer Clix she regularly pockets six figures a month from gaming and selling raunchy snaps.

She also once dated another streamer called Turner Tenney – who she met on Fortnite.

Gubba TV

Gubba began streaming in 2015 – and just three years later she won £11,000 in a single day during a Fortnite tournament.

She now has a huge social media following – including 1.2million fans on TikTok.

Gubba, from Washington, wrote on her website: “Fortnite opened up opportunity doors, allowing me to meet other great influencers.

“With many of the traditional entertainment forms waning in popularity, I found a good niche as a streamer.”

Since then the 25-year-old has combined her gaming career with an OnlyFans page – where she charges approximately £23 a month.


Kaitlyn 'Amouranth' Siragusa has been on OnlyFans since 2020 – and is known to do cosplay dress ups.

She claims to get between 1.4 and 1.5 million people visiting her OnlyFans every month to supplement her income.

But last month she claimed she was quitting OnlyFans this June, describing it as “end of an era”.

Instead, the Fortnite fanatic said she was investing in Twiter – popular gaming app.

According to reports, Amouranth is the most-viewed and second highest earning female creator on Twitch.

Belle Delphine

Social media star Belle Delphine is a gamer girl who became famous after earning a fortune from selling her bath water.

The cosplay babe and OnlyFans model sold bottles of “bath water for thirsty gamer boys”.

She now has 2.11million subscribers on YouTube while boasting 3.5million followers on Instagram.

The millionaire influencer lives in East Sussex and last year she opened up about her turbulent childhood – from school dropout to leaving home at 15.

She said: “My attendance was one of the worst in my class or year. Whenever I’d come into school people would make jokes about it like ‘she’s finally in’.”

Ebonie Turner

The pinned tweet on Ebonie Turner’s Twitter page tells you all you need to know about her target audience.

Posing in lingerie, the 19-year-old Australian OnlyFans model went with the caption: “So who likes Fortnite?”

She mentions the game repeatedly in tweets and on March 15 she said:” I LOVE FORTNITE.”

And last year she wrote: “if only i found a guy that was like rly cute and played Fortnite with me all the time.”

Her OnlyFans is approximately £5.50 per month and on it she describes herself as a cosplayer and a gamer.

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